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Pretreatment >> Textile Auxiliaries
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  1. สิ่งทอ, เสื้อผ้า, เครื่องแต่งกาย
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  1. เคมีสิ่งทอ Textile Auxiliaries
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  1. สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์

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Germazym HT

Enzyme for desizing of starch containing fabric, treatment temperature at 60 - 70 °C.

Crease - preventing -agent

Germacrease FB

Low foaming crease preventing agent with good levelling and dispersing power for all kind of fibers, specially for gament treatment


Germalon CWS

Detergent with good wetting and emulsifying properties for continuous process, APEO-free, no swelling phase.


Germalon Jet conc

High concentrated foamfree Jet - Detergent with highest wetting and emulsifying properties for pretreatment of all kind of fibres.


Germalon SP

New generation of multi-purpose surfactant system with excellent emulsifying and dispersing properties - for scouring of Spandex containing articles , has no swelling phase. No more silicone residues on goods and equipment.

Peroxide stabilizer

Germastab ST

Stabilizer for bleaching cotton and polyester-cotton blends with hydrogen peroxide, chiefly in continuous processes.

Peroxide killer

Germaxid PE

Enzymatic peroxide killer.

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